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Normally, you will need a student visa to stay as a long-term student in the United States.
If you don't know if you need a visa or not, please contact us.

We have speakers available in 5 different languages.


Everything you need to know about applying to
Central Pacific College

Overseas Student

A student who is currently out of the U.S. now and will apply for a student visa to CPC.
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Transfer student

A student who is in the U.S. and will change schools to CPC.
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Change of Status

A student who wants change their U.S. visa status to an ‘F1 Student Visa’.
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Non-F1 Student

A student who has a U.S. Visa other than an F1 Student Visa.
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In addition to English, CPC offers language support in 5 languages!
If you have any questions, please contact us via the Inquiry Page.


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