Manami (40s / Japan)


Why did you choose to come to Hawaii?

I can’t stand cold weather or the winter.
I like Hawaii weather; it feels so nice and comfortable.

How has your English improved up to this point compared to 20 weeks ago?

I’ve improved my English writing ability by keeping a daily journal for class. Now I can write essays better than I could 20 weeks ago.

What was the hardest thing about living in Hawaii for a year as an international student? What was the best thing?

I think looking for and renting a house and living by myself was the hardest thing for me as an international student. I have to deal with every single in English by myself. For example, is the water leaks or if my garbage disposal breaks I take care of it by myself with my English skills. On the positive side, I can get a lot of Japanese stuff quite easily in Hawaii.

What are some good things about CPC?

The teachers are incredible!
We have high quality classes. The staff is very kind and helpful.
They are always very easy to talk to whenever we have something to talk about.

What do you hope to do after you graduate from CPC?

I will study at KCC starting next month and hopefully transfer to UH after that.
My dream is to become a therapist!


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