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Application Regulations

Leave the course:

It is possible to leave the course at any time during the term. When departing from the course, in order to display the intention of the students themselves, it is necessary to submit a written statement stating that. In addition, schools may offer to withdraw from the course, such as when inappropriate behavior, attendance rate and grades do not satisfy standards as students.

Right to termination:

All students can cancel the course until 7 days after calculation from the late ones, either on the first day of class or on the day of application for enrollment. Cancellation here means abandoning continuation of school attendance by the will of students themselves regardless of the reason and upon refusal we can receive refund of undigested tuition fee.

Refund Policy:

All students will be refunded the full amount, excluding the admission fee of $ 150, if the course is canceled up to 7 days after calculation from the first day of class or the day of application for enrollment, whichever is later.
After 7 days, undigested tuition fee, I-20 shipping cost (if MLI mailed I-20) $ 100 if before 60% of the lesson period of the contract period is completed, And STRF (Student Tuition Recovery Fund) less the amount refunded.
Also, please note that refund of tuition fee will not be refunded if you have digitized more than 60% attendance period according to California law.


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