Nicole (19 years old / Taiwan)


1. Why did you choose to come to Hawaii?

My aunt lives in Hawaii. It's my first time to go abroad by myself, so I chose to be with family.

2. How/ has your English improved up to this point compared to months prior?

My listening and speaking is better, and I can communicate with others in English more smoothly.

3. What was the hardest thing about living in Hawaii as an international student? What was the best thing?

I think the most difficult thing is that I can't get used to the food here. Compared with Taiwan, food in Hawaii is heavier in taste and larger in portions. The best part is that the weather here is very good, you can do a lot of different activities every day, while studying and going out.

4. What are some good things about CPC?

I can make many friends from different countries and make progress together in class, so I won't feel lonely.

5. What do you hope to do after you graduate from CPC?

I will go back to Taiwan to finish my studies. If I have the opportunity, I will try to do a study abroad or plan to go to other countries.


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