Tendai (10s / Japan)


Hello! My name is Tendai!
I’m a high school student from Japan.

I’m in a dance club in Japan and I do break dance.
The reason why I visited Hawaii is because I have an entrance exam for University two years later and I have to improve my English skill by the time I take my exam.
I know it is hard to improve English skills in only one week, but I could get to know the ways of studying English and also my classmates gave me motivation to study English.

I learned many things not only English. I stayed at the Moana house where many CPC students are living. I have never done laundry or dishes by myself (My mom always does it…), but in the Moana house I had to do everything by myself, so I felt like I grew up and become stronger (My mom will be surprised!).

My classmates were very nice and they supported me a lot during the class. I was the youngest in the class, so they treated me like a son or a younger brother! I wish I could stay longer!


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