Yoshiki (10s / Japan)


Duration at the CPC and Elementary School

1 month

Why did you choose to come to Hawaii?

Abundant support for Japanese - Recommended by father -I came to Hawaii 1 year ago.

How has your English improved up to this point compared to a month ago.

I feel that my reading skill has increased compared to a month ago, also I have the confidence to speak English abroad.

What are some good things about CPC?

Club Activities (Watching a movie)
Teachers and students are very friendly

During my stay in condominium, I enjoyed several things. First, I thought that the washer and dryer were really good. I also thought the wi-fi was really good! Lastly, the location of the condominium was convenient and great!

What do you hope to do after you graduate from CPC?

I hope to be able to go to museum around the world.


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