Ayaka (20s / Japan)


1. Why did you choose to come to Hawaii?

Because when I came before I really liked the warm personality people had and the local culture.

2. How has your English improved up to this point compared to months prior?

I speak English at a faster pace than before and my grammar has improved as well.

3. What was the hardest thing about living in Hawaii as an international student? What was the best thing?

The hardest thing about living in Hawaii was that I would feel scared walking by myself around back streets. The best thing was because I had a lot of free time everyday I felt I had more energy to go out.

4. What are some good things about CPC?

When I first got here, I took a test to determine my English ability and joined a class that really suited me and my needs.

5. What do you hope to do after you graduate from CPC?

I plan to take the TOEIC in September.


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