Momoka (20s / Japan)


How long have you been studying English at CPC?:

3 months.

What do you hope to do after you graduate?:

I hope to speak fluent English and to graduate from a University in the U.S.

How did you choose CPC?:

CPC is located in a convenient location with a wide selection of restaurants nearby.

What are your favorite things to do in Hawaii?:

Going to the beach and hiking. Fun!

Do you think your English has improved since living in Hawaii?:

When I started understanding English movies without subtitles, I thought that I improved my English skills.

Who is your favorite teacher in CPC? and WHY? :

Catherine and Kathy! because they always bring so much energy to the classroom. Their classes are never boring because they are always active, finding methods to communicate ideas!

How was your CPC life? :

I love CPC! CPC is a second home of mine! CPC is well-known for its academic excellence. In my opinion, the quality of teaching in CPC is much better than in many other school in the U.S.!


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